More time providing top-of-license care.

Less time performing routine phone calls.

Epharmix prioritizes patients before care managers pick up a phone to call so they can focus on giving high-value care to the patients that need them most.


From collection to analysis, Epharmix is designed to work in the background.


Built with providers, Epharmix offers interventions proven to improve outcomes.


The best tools fit seamlessly into existing workflows. Epharmix can integrate with popular EHRs.

Epharmix is designed for action, not dissection.

The Epharmix provider platform is designed with care managers, for care managers.
 There is no installation required, and no training necesary. Care management teams can start acting on patient-reported outcomes in 30 days or less.

Acute Event Notifications

We meet providers where they are. Care managers can get alerts on their terms by email, text, call, and even page.

Population Health Insights

Using a familiar red/yellow/green triaging system, our reports help care managers see the status of all their patients at one glance.

Intuitive Interface

Designed with care managers, Epharmix is meant to compliment any existing workflow before integration. With a robust feature set including snoozing, resolving, and time tracking, care managers can manage the patient panel with ease.

Integrate when you're ready.

If integration is the route you want to take, let's talk. Epharmix integrates with all popular EHRs, including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and more. Schedule a free consultation right now to see how Epharmix can integrate into your existing electronic health offerings.

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