Significant outcomes are the result of outstanding research.

Epharmix works with leading physicians and independent researchers to generate clinical outcomes and publishes evidence for Epharmix technology. Results of Epharmix interventions have achieved ten peer-reviewed journal publications and over two dozen conference acceptances to-date.

Epharmix believes that meaningful research, evidence, and outcomes are the basis for a strong product.

With 10 peer-reviewed publications in medical journals, the results of Epharmix interventions are put up to the test by peer-review.

Epharmix Research Center Leadership

Avik Som MD, PhD

Clinical Sponsor
Epharmix Research Center

Chief Medical Officer

Provider-designed, clinically-validated, commercially-proven.

From Phase II to Phase IV research, every Epharmix intervention must meet several critera. Fewer than 20% of intervention proposals make it past these phases.


  • Maintain patient engagement
  • Create efficient clinical workflow

Randomized Control Trial

  • Improve morbidity/mortality outcomes
  • Align with financial incentives

Community Implementation

  • Increase provider engagement
  • Prove return on investment

The Epharmix Research Center is open to opportunities to inform people of our best practices.

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Internal Medicine

Mental Health

OB/GYN & Peds

Emergency Medicine


Catch exacerbations before a hospitalization.

Learn how providers in a resident clinic setting at a top academic institution reduced hospitalization risk with Epharmix.

  • N = 168 patients
  • Duration: six-months
  • $9,700 average annual income
  • 75% receiving disability payments
  • IRB-approved, double-blind randomized controlled trial

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Accelerate A1c control.

See how care management at a large health system used Epharmix to quickly get patients with diabetes to control.

  • On average 1.15 point drop in HbA1c
  • N = 72 patients
  • Duration: four months
  • Baseline HbA1c > 8.0%
  • > 70% engagement

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Engage patients long-term.

Patients in community and rural health system settings maintain high annual engagement on Epharmix.

  • Accessible technology for any patient
  • SMART schedule automatically adjusts frequency
  • Free-to-end-user (FTEU) text messages for pay-as-you-go phones

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