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Epharmix Interventions:
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The Epharmix clinical team designs, develops, and tests each intervention to improve health outcomes and increase patient engagement. See how Epharmix interventions have enhanced the following areas:

Fall tracking service for identifying fall risks early.
One out of three older adults falls each year1 but less than half talk to their healthcare providers about it2. With EpxFallPrevention, 75% of pateints notified their doctor of a fall.

1. Tromp AM, Pluijm SMF, Smit JH, et al. Fall-risk screening test: a prospective study on predictors for falls in community-dwelling elderly. J Clin Epidemiol 2001;54(8):837–844.
2. Stevens JA, Ballesteros MF, Mack KA, Rudd RA, DeCaro E, Adler G. Gender differences in seeking care for falls in the aged Medicare Population. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2012;43:59–62.
Breathing quality tracking and activation assessment for COPD patients.
EpxCOPD study shows improved breathing scores and sustained patient response rate of 80% on average over 120 days.
fig. 1 By monitoring acute triggers (when patient reports breathing worse),
 the nurse practitioner can engage and intervene before further complication develops. Throughout the study the average normalized breathing score sees a consistent increase over time.
fig. 2 During the period of the study, the response rate across patient population is consistently ranged between 60% - 100%, showing no obvious message fatigue.
Dialysis reminder and adherence service.
fig. 1 a) Before the trial starts, the average numbers of missed dialysis sessions per patient per month for both cohorts are approximately equal. b) Once trial starts in February, the cohort receiving EpxDialysis missed significantly fewer sessions than the control cohort. c) When the cross-over occurs in April, the control cohort, now receiving EpxDialysis, sees a decrease in missed sessions, while the cohort that is no longer receiving EpxDialysis sees an increase in missed sessions.
fig. 2 describes the % of patients who were hospitalized during the study period. Hospitalizations were reduced by 54% (54.4% patients were hospitalized in the control cohort, and 25% of patients were hospitalized in the EpxDialysis cohort)

Available Interventions


Breathing and peak flow monitoring for patients with asthma.


Breastfeeding adherence service.


Breathing quality tracking and activation assessment for patients with COPD.


A mental health tracking intervention for patients with depression.


Preprandial blood glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes.


Blood glucose monitoring for insulin-dependent patients with diabetes.


Dialysis adherence service.


Discharge referral program for patients.


Seizure tracking for patients with epilepsy in order to help them become seizure free.


Fall tracking service for identifying fall risks early.


Blood glucose monitoring for pregnant patients with diabetes.


A symptom tracking intervention for patients with heart health issues.


Blood pressure tracking for patients with hypertension.


A medication adherence tracking system for patients.


Mood tracking for patients with bipolar and depression.


A depression screening and monitoring solution based on modified PHQ-9 survey.


A monitoring solution for patients with pneumonia.


Postpartum Depression screening application


Ensures and helps patients follow-up with a provider after delivery.


A versatile intervention for multiple referral types.


A medication tracking system for sickle cell patients.


An application for tracking substance use.


A versatile suite of pre-op and post-op follow-ups for a wide range of surgery types.


A wellness watcher for patients with and at risk of diabetes.

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