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Features For Providers

Identify At-Risk Patients
Identify At-Risk Patients
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Triage Patients Automatically
Triage Patients Automatically
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Collect Data Between Visits
Collect Data Between Visits
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Track Time for Billing
Track Time for Billing
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Prewritten, Compliant Messages
Prewritten, Compliant Messages
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Alerts show real-time, actionable insights so staff can quickly improve care. Alerts are optional, with customizable settings so that providers can receive alerts on their own terms. Some interventions offer settings so that staff can tailor interventions for each patient.

Alerts may be sent as phone calls, text messages, emails, or pages to many different devices:

  • Pagers
  • Landlines
  • Mobile phones
  • Smart phones

Patient Reports

Triage your entire patient panel with reports. Each intervention-specific report uses familiar color coding (red, yellow, and green) to help you gauge the health of your panel at a glance.

Practices may sign-up to receive optional patient report digests by email at custom time intervals.

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How many alerts will I receive?

Based on current usage and the average patient panel size of 3000 patients, staff will receive an estimated 3-5 alerts each day. Over the course of several months, during the Epharmix EpxCOPD study, 8,000 messages were sent to patients. Only 41 alerts were triggered and sent to providers.

Detailed Patient Charts

Epharmix collects patient responses and displays them in comprehensive charts. Staff can gain a more complete picture between and during patients visits with these data. Patient data may be reviewed and downloaded at anytime, anywhere.

Easy Time Tracking for Billing

Log the time you already spend taking care of patients with Epharmix. Simple time-tracking features make it easy to report time for Chronic Care Management reimbursement. Epharmix can track automatically while staff responds to patient alerts.

Each month, Epharmix compiles comprehensive reports to simplify reimbursement submission.

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HIPAA Compliant Messaging

HIPAA-compliant environment

Epharmix servers are hosted by industry-leading HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-certified hosting provider offering proprietary, closed-loop security.

Data encryption

All sensitive data are placed in encrypted vaults under the AES256 standard to ensure maximum security.

Written and oral consent

Informed written and oral consent for receiving text or voice messages is integrated into the prescription workflow.

Pre-written messages

Message content was developed with practicing physicians and designed carefully to protect patient privacy.

For Patients

"This system makes me feel like someone is always looking out for my health."

- EpxCOPD Patient Testimonial

Patient FAQ

What is Epharmix?

Epharmix is a simple service that sends automated phone calls or text messages to your phone. Each message is written specifically for your condition so they're easy to read and answer. Epharmix messages are toll-free, so they pose no cost to you. Anyone with access to a phone can receive Epharmix messages, including landlines and cell phones.

Why was I prescribed Epharmix?

You were prescribed Epharmix to keep you and your provider up-to-date and engaged with your care.

How many messages will I recieve?

Depending on the intervention you were prescribed, you may receive messages daily. These messages were tailored to your condition so they should be quick and easy to answer. Please answer each question and answer honestly. Your provider and their care team can see your responses and it helps them have a more detailed picture of your health.

How do I start an intervention?

If you received a prescription for Epharmix, you should receive a phone call or text message asking you to confirm that you are the right recipient of these messages. This message may be written like:

Confidential message, see below

Welcome, Taylor. This is a service of Dr. Banting. Reply yes to begin receiving health texts from your provider, reply no if otherwise.

Answer yes to confirm you are the right patient and your intervention will start.

How can I stop receiving messages?

You can opt-out of the messages at any time. Simply text STOP back to the number at any time or press * at the beginning of a phone call.

What happens when I call the service back?

If you have an active prescription, the Epharmix system will try to connect you to the office of the provider that prescribed you that intervention.

What should I do in an emergency?

Epharmix is not meant to replace your current provider. Please contact your provider’s office if you have any immediate questions or concerns. If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

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