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Intervention Details


EpxSubstanceUse is an automated communication system designed to detect when somebody who is in remission from substance use has slipped or feels close to slipping.

Patients with a history of substance abuse who are in the early recovery or active recovery and maintenance stage of addiction.
EpxSubstanceUse uses text messages to prompt your patient to report whether they have slipped or felt close to slipping. Messages can be sent at various times and intervals. Clinicians can track patient vulnerability to substance use or be alerted if a patient has slipped.

Communication Modes
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or once a week
Question 1
  • Have you slipped in the last week? (yes or no)
Question 2
  • (if slipped) How many days ago did you slip?
  • (if did not slip) How close have you felt to slipping in the past week, on a scale of 0-9? (0=not at all, 9=extremely close)
Optional Messages
  • There will also be occasional (optional) messages to patients to encourage them when they have reached a certain number of days of abstinence, especially during more vulnerable times (like weekends and holidays).

Thresholds may be personalized on a patient to patient basis

  • Alerts are given if the patient slips or if the patient reports feeling close to slipping above a set threshold.


Patients will be directed to call 911 if they are experiencing an emergency. You may designate a care provider to be acutely notified in the event of a defined critical value.

Intervention Team