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Intervention Details


EpxMood is a simple system that proactively asks the patient about their mood on a scale from 0 (very sad) - 10 (very happy).

Patients with depressive or bipolar symptoms.
Messages are be sent at various times and intervals. Clinicians can track patient mood over time.

Communication Modes

Daily OR Weekly

Default Messages
  • What is your mood now on a scale of 0 (very sad)-10 (very-happy)?
Every two weeks
  • PHQ-2
    1. Over the past two weeks, how often have you had little interest or pleasure in doing things?
    2. Over the past two weeks, how often have you felt depressed, down, or hopeless?
  • Please rate severity of your insomnia problems over the last 2 weeks on a scale of 0 to 4, with 0 being none and 4 being very severe.
    1. Difficulty falling asleep
    2. Difficulty staying asleep
    3. Problems waking up too early
    4. How dissatisfied are you with your CURRENT sleep pattern?
    5. How noticeable to others do you think your sleep problem is in terms of impairing the quality of life?
    6. How worried / distressed are you about your current sleep problem?
    7. To what extend do you consider your sleep problem to interfere with your daily functioning (fatigue, mood, ability to function, concentration, memory) currently?

There are no alerts for this intervention.


Patients will be directed to call 911 if they are experiencing an emergency. You may designate a care provider to be acutely notified in the event of a defined critical value.

Data Review

Depp et al suggest a lower rate of compliance with mobile phones compared to paper-and-pencil daily mood rating in bipolar disorder, yet a greater ability to capture variability and concurrent validity in quantifying affective symptoms.

Intervention Team