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Intervention Details


EpxCOPD is an automated communication system designed to assess patient breathing and breathing trends.

Patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
EpxCOPD uses phone calls to prompt your patient to report dyspnea. The frequency of communications can be modified by the clinician. Reports of dyspneic events trigger alerts to the provider that can be handled easily over the phone. This results in increased clinical outcomes, faster stabilization for patients, and a reduction of readmissions long term.

Communication Modes
Patients may receive messages once, daily, weekly or at customized intervals designated by their healthcare provider.
Default Messages
  • Are you breathing better, worse, or the same compared to yesterday?

Patient rates breathing as worse.


Patients will be directed to call 911 if they are experiencing an emergency. You may designate a care provider to be acutely notified in the event of a defined critical value.

Intervention Team