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Learn how Epharmix helped a care management team reduce workload while monitoring high-risk patients

Get the case study to learn how your organization can reduce workload while preventing heart failure related hospitalizations.

With Epharmix, your organization can efficiently monitor high-risk patients across all socioeconomic strata.

Epharmix uses automated phone calls and text messages to help providers reach any patient to catch acute events early—before they grew into larger exacerbations or decompensation. This case study shows how EpxHeartFailure was used to monitor high-risk patients to:

  • Automatically catch acute events
  • Maintain 60-80% patient engagement
  • Reduce workload for care managers

Figure 1.Alert rate over time demonstrates the small percentage of total alerts compared to total patients receiving messages. Note the spikes are due to patients receiving messages at different frequencies based on their respective states and levels of control.

When you download our case study, you'll also receive best practices for congestive heart failure treatment and a comprehensive literature review of other telehealth tools used for heart failure.