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Epharmix helped an organization prevent hospitalizations for 1 in 10 patients diagnosed with COPD.

Get the case study to learn how easy it could be for your organization to reduce hospitalizations, too.

Preventing COPD hospitalizations doesn't have to be difficult.

Epharmix uses automated phone calls and text messages to help providers catch exacerbations early and efficiently. This case study will demonstrate how untrained providers and medical staff used Epharmix to:

  • Use automation to provide proactive high-touch care
  • Maintain 80-90% patient engagement
  • Reduce hospitalizations for elderly, low-income patients

Figure 1.In three months, EpxCOPD reduced hospitalization risk by 61% between the placebo and the treatment group. That is a 10% absolute risk reduction.

When you download our case study, you'll also receive best practices for COPD management and a comprehensive literature review of other telehealth tools used for COPD.