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Details and Descriptions for Available Interventions

EpxAsthmaBreathing and peak flow monitoring for patients with asthma.
EpxAsthmaYellowZoneProgram for managing and assessing asthma yellow-zone symptoms.
EpxBasicNeedsA suite of interventions designed to ensure that the patient's basic needs are met.
EpxBreastfeedingBreastfeeding adherence service.
EpxBreastfeeding (Self-Manage)A self-managed intervention that encourages mothers to stay on exclusive breastfeeding for as long as possible.
EpxCOPDBreathing quality tracking and activation assessment for patients with COPD.
EpxCVCtoFistulaAn educational program for dialysis patient switching from CVC to fistula.
EpxCaregiverA program for people careing for a relative.
EpxChemotherapyCheckInAn oncology monitoring program for patients post-infusion.
EpxDepressionA mental health tracking intervention for patients with depression.
EpxDiabetesPreprandial blood glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes.
EpxDiabetes-InsulinDependentBlood glucose monitoring for insulin-dependent patients with diabetes.
EpxDialysisDialysis adherence service.
EpxDischargeReferralDischarge referral program for patients.
EpxEpilepsySeizure tracking for patients with epilepsy in order to help them become seizure free.
EpxFallRiskA fall risk tracking intervention for patients.
EpxGenericA program that checks in with the participants regularly about any new health issues and symptoms.
EpxGestationalDiabetesBlood glucose monitoring for pregnant patients with diabetes.
EpxHealthyLivingA wellness focused intervention that helps patients adhere to a healthy living style.
EpxHeartFailureA symptom tracking intervention for patients with heart health issues.
EpxHeartRiskA survey intervention to touch base with patients that have heart health issues.
EpxHypertensionBlood pressure tracking for patients with hypertension.
betaA smart vision based monitoring program. Smart phone (iPhone or Android) is required for this program.
EpxMedAdherenceA medication adherence tracking system for patients.
EpxMedicationCompanionA latch-on intervention to help with medication regiments for the patient. This only works in tandem of other interventions.
EpxMedicationTrackingA medication adherence tracking system for patients.
EpxOpioidManagementAn integrated suite for pain and opioid use management.
EpxPHQ9A depression screening and monitoring solution based on modified PHQ-9 survey.
EpxPneumoniaA monitoring solution for patients with pneumonia.
EpxPostDischargeA general monitoring solution for post-discharge patients.
EpxPostPartumDepressionPostpartum Depression screening application
EpxReferralA versatile intervention for multiple referral types.
EpxSDOHA comprehensive program with a flexible module configuration to address various social determinants of health of the user.
EpxSubstanceUseAn application for tracking substance use.
EpxSurgeryA versatile suite of pre-op and post-op follow-ups for a wide range of surgery types.
EpxVitalsIntervention designed for regular collection of vital signs.
EpxWellnessA wellness watcher for patients with and at risk of diabetes.