Reclaim time spent on telephonic outreach.
Invest it in patients that need care most.

Epharmix automates routine outreach to collect condition-specific patient-reported outcomes from high-risk and rising-risk patients. With Epharmix, care managers can focus on the right patient before they pick up the phone.


Use interventions clinically-validated through randomized controlled trials and commercial validation


Access easy-to-use tools designed by practicing providers to streamline patient care


Send preset messages with dynamic schedules proven to engage patients in their care


Leverage tools proven to impact clinical outcomes with the most challenging patients

Organizations Partnering with Epharmix to Drive Improved Outcomes

Built on a growing foundation
of world-class research.

Epharmix interventions have been validated and resulted in ten postive-outcome publications in multiple peer-reviewed journals.

Cutting-edge research presented at:

Implement innovative, research-based interventions in days, not years.

No installation required. Start collecting patient-reported outcomes at the end of your first training session.

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Designed for care management teams of any size, stage, or setting.

Epharmix offers features created with care managers to fit into care management workflows. The breadth of interventions on the platform give care management teams the flexibility to impact outcomes for any of their patients.

Experience How It Works

Where does your care management team promote the most impact?

With over 20 condition-specific interventions and counting, your care management team can use Epharmix to improve health outcomes for any patient.

Engage patients on a platform everyone knows how to use.

Patients don’t always have the time to troubleshoot bluetooth devices or walk-through new mobile applications. Epharmix collects patient-reported outcomes in a form patients (and providers) understand most: phone calls and text messages.

Built by clinical experts. Refined by patients and care managers.

At the end of the day, patients lead the success of any intervention. From pilot to implementation, Epharmix works with patients to design, improve, and clinically-validate Epharmix interventions.

Catch exacerbations before a hospitalization.

Learn how providers in a resident clinic setting at a top academic institution reduced hospitalization risk with Epharmix.

  • N = 168 patients
  • Duration: six-months
  • $9,700 average annual income
  • 75% receiving disability payments
  • IRB-approved, double-blind randomized controlled trial

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Accelerate A1c control.

See how care management at a large health system used Epharmix to quickly get patients with diabetes to control.

  • On average 1.15 point drop in HbA1c
  • N = 72 patients
  • Duration: four months
  • Baseline HbA1c > 8.0%
  • > 70% engagement

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Engage patients long-term.

Patients in community and rural health system settings maintain high annual engagement on Epharmix.

  • Accessible technology for any patient
  • SMART schedule automatically adjusts frequency
  • Free-to-end-user (FTEU) text messages for pay-as-you-go phones

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